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How to get rid of Pimples? How to get rid of Pimples?
pimple removal
how to get rid of pimples quickly
the fast way to get rid of pimples
Emu Oil has many properties that make it a very effective treatment to help get rid of pimples and acne.

  • Firstly, Emu Oil is Anti-bacterial, this means it will help to kill the infection in the skin and stop pimples from spreading.

  • Secondly, Emu Oil is a natural Anti-inflammatory, it helps to bring down swelling and inflammation of the skin to heal things like acne, eczema, rosacea, skin rash etc.

  • Thirdly, Emu oil is almost 100% triglyceride lipid. Triglycerides (a type of fatty compound) are abundant in human skin lipids, so this means that the composition of fatty acids in human skin is very similar to that of emu oil. This makes it easy for our skin to absorb the emu oil, and because its similar to our skin it will help to repair scars and blemishes caused by pimples.

  • Fourthly, Emu Oil does not clog pores and is safe for sensitive skin, so when you apply our Emu Oil Moisturiser it will penetrate deeply to heal the skin very effectively while fighting the build up of acne.


    Pimples. Everyone hates them. Yet most people get them at some stage in thier life, some much worse than others. Pimples effect approximately 90% of all adolescents, and 50% of adult women, this makes acne one of the most common medical conditions in the world. I would like to share my story of pimples with you, but first here is some information about what causes pimples, and how to manage pimples.

    What are Pimples?

    Pimples are actually an infection in the skin. Pimples occur when hair follicles and skin pores are clogged, either by dead skin cells or excess oil build up in the pore. Hair follicles produce an oil called sebum. If this oil builds up in the clogged pore it becomes infected, and the hair follicle becomes inflamed. If the follicle bursts, the infected matter inside the pores spreads across the skin, infecting the surrounding area and creating new pimples.

    How to get rid of pimples, best pimple treatment

    What Causes Pimples?

    There are many theories and ideas about what causes pimples. Many labratory tests have been done and studies taken out to try and find the factors that cause pimples. Pimples can occur from many things eg. poor diet, hormones, stress, medications etc. However, the most common cause of pimples is the wrong use of Skin Care products. Good Skin Care is vital for healthy skin and eliminating pimples. Because pimples are caused by clogged pores and oil build up, the most common reason for people having oil and dirt build up is because they are not using the right skin care, or they are not using thier skin care properly. Oftern contact with an oily substance such as mineral oil, vegetable oil, or petroleum can be a cause of pimples. So, what is the best way to get rid of pimples?

    How To Get Rid Of Pimples?

    How to get rid of Pimples - What is the best pimple treatment? The best pimple treatment varies from person to person. Firstly, do not ever pop a pimple, this will spread the infection and cause scaring. Make sure you drink plenty of water, to help flush toxins out of your body. Most importantly though, you should reasses what skin care you are using. Because skin care is applied to your face usually everyday, you should make sure it is right for your skin, otherwise you could slapping stuff on you face that is clogging up your pores and leaving a layer of excess oil on your face daily. Many skin care products and creams contain ingredients that actually irritate your skin. Most commercially used products contain sulphates and Petro Chemicals that you probably can not even pronounce the names of, go have a look at the labels.

    Pimples on the face and how to get rid of them

    Whats the best Skin Care for Pimple Treatment?

    The best pimple treatment to use to help you get rid of pimples are quality products with ingredients that will not irritate your skin, such as emu oil. Because a dirty or oily face is a breeding ground for bacteria and pimples, the idea is to do a cleansing routine daily, so pimples do not get the chance to grow. We provide a range of natural products with emu oil and essential oils to fight pimples and infection. Emu Oil is non-comedogenic, which means it does not clog pores, so your skin can still breath when you apply it, and Emu Oil is naturally anti-bacterial, it will fight bacteria that causes pimples and acne. It is also hypo-allergenic (non-irritating) so its great for all skin types, including people with sensitive skin. break up the oil build up on your skin, so pimples will not get a chance to form.
    getting rid of pimples

    How To get rid of Pimples - Using natural Skin Care for Pimple Treatment?

    The most important thing with using quality skin care, is to do it twice a day. This will ensure that you skin is always clean so bacteria can not build up. Here is the best method to get rid of pimples - Every Morning - after cleansing and toning, use the Emu Oil Moisturiser which bests suits you. This will clear your skin for the day and provide a protective barrier from pollutants entering your pores, while the emu oil will help to kill the bacteria which causes pimples. Repeat every night. Every 2nd - 3rd day, dab a small amount of Pure emu oil directly onto the pimple, this will help to fight the bacteria and bring down the swelling, and prevent scaring. This process will help to eliminate pimples and prevent them from coming back, and leave your skin clear and healthy.
    How to get rid of pimples with one of the best pimple treatments

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