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Aromatherapy Essential Oils Aromatherapy Essential Oils
aromatherapy essentail oil products

Aromatherapy in emuse Body Care Products

Aromatherapy can benefits the body in many ways. It can aid in the treatment of skin conditions such as skin rash and acne, it can help relieve stress and anxiety and muscle tension, and when essential oils enter the body they can help rejuvenate you improve your overall health and well being. Because pure emu oil is a carrier oil and reaches the deepest layers of the skin, it will also carry with it other ingredients in a product. So if your using emu oil products with cheap and nasty chemicals and synthetic ingredients, these will enter the deep layers of your skin and eventually end up in your blood stream. So thats why emuse products are a combination of natural and organic ingredients, pure emu oil and essential oils. Because when all these theraputic ingredients are applyed to the skin, you can feel comfortabe knowing that you are applying what nature intended.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aroma means to smell, therapy means medical healing or treatment Aromatherapy means simply - the study and use of scents used in a therapeutic manner. It is a skilled and controlled use of Aromatherapy Blends and Essential Oils, for emotional and physical health and well-being. Aromatherapy is used to influence and alter our emotional moods. A certain Aromatherapy Oil such as lavender may assists in balancing, stimulating, relaxing, invigorating and rejuvenating the body. The practice of aromatherapy goes beyond smell, it involves Essential Oils and treatments many believe have a chemical effect on the body. Aromatherapy is believed by many to be an effective way of treating many different health problems as it is used as a branch of herbal medicine. It is achieved by ingesting the essence of certain plants through breathing or through direct contact.

Aromatherapy is the science and art of using the volatile, non-oily essences of plants, these essences are also used in Skin Care, perfumery and in food flavoring. It is in fact the use of herbs and flowers in their most concentrated form. Medicinal use of Aromatherapy can bring healing on 3 levels; the physical, mental, and the spiritual. Research has shown essential oils to be some of the strongest ant microbial agents; cleansing the body of toxins and fighting infection. Other Essential Oils are known to affect mood and have a reputation for increasing libido. While still others are use in ritual and ceremony to open and heighten spiritual awareness.
Aromatherapy blend, Essential Oils, Arometherapy Products

History of Aromatherapy?

All over the world, throughout history, essential oils and Aromatherapy Blends have been used to treat many body ailments. Essential Oils
are the distilled product of flowers and stems of plants. Just like people take herbs in pill or capsule form made from Kava Kava to calm down, or St Johns Wart to help with depression, these oils are made from other specific plants. Through out the ages people have believed that our most basic sense, smell has had an influence on their health and well being. Ancient Egyptians believed that cedar wood was imperishable and could preserve anyone enclosed in it. They cedar oil onto their bodies and burned cedar wood as incense to make offering to their Gods. They also used Essential Oils for dry skin. The Queen of Sheba is said to have used Myrh to attract King Solomon!

The Bible speaks of anointing with oils. In fact, the hands of Roman Catholic Priests are anointed with oils even today.

The Koran describes paradise as being filled with nymphs created out of musk. The followers of the Prophet Mohammed frequently mixed musk into the mortar when building mosques.

In China (circa 500 B.C.) the philosopher Confucius wrote that temples were hung with magnolia, peach, jasmine and jonquil. Incense is frequently burned in temples of various faiths, Christian Churches, and Mosques.
Aromatherapy blend, Essential Oils, Arometherapy Products

How does Aromatherapy Work?

Aromatherapy can have therapeutic influences on different parts of the body. They are oxygenating and help transport nutrients to the cells of our body. Without oxygen, nutrients cannot be assimilated; therefore, the oxygenating Essential Oils can help us maintain our health and well being. Essential Oils are composed of tiny molecules, which are easily dissolved in alcohol, emulsifiers and fats. This allows them to penetrate the skin easily and work into the body by mixing with the fatty tissue. An Aromatherapy Blend can also be used an inhalant, as its highly volatile essences evaporate they are inhaled, thus entering the body via the millions of sensitive cells that line the nasal passages. These send messages straight to the brain, and affect the emotions by working on the limbic system, which also controls the major functions of the body. Thus in an aromatherapy treatment the Essential Oils are able to enhance both your physical and psychological well-being at the same time.

Essential oils in their structure have the potential to give or receive electrons. This energetic exchange is due to the wavelength of the electromagnetic vibrations which are produced by the essential oils. The recognized healing effect of an Aromatherapy Blend is thought to be carried out mainly through tissue stimulation. This quality refers to the healing and regeneration action of certain essential oils. Essential oils have an analgesic neutralizing effect upon the chemicals carried by the sensory nerve endings in response to injury.

Essential oils act directly on the hypothalamic (brain) centers, which have a regulating effect upon the pituitary gland known as the hypothesis, through hormones with the rest of endocrine system. An Aromatherapy Blend is able to regulate endocrine dysfunction and immune disorders. They are also able to re-establish homeostasis (harmony), and balance or ground a person to achieve a state of equilibrium, in addition to restoring well-being through the body and mind connections. An Aromatherapy blend works on the olfactory system, so natural inhalation can be used safely. Due to the transdermal diffusion of Essential Oils, they easily penetrate the skin, reaching the vascular system where they are absorbed by the bloodstream. They can be applied easily to the body to gain beneficial effects though skin absorption. Various oils can be used in Meditation and Yoga, and some also use it as a Preventative medicine.

How are Essential Oils Extracted?

Essential Oils are extracted from plant sources. Once extracted, it is 70 times more concentrated than when it was originally found in the plant. There are many ways in which Essential Oils are extracted. Here is a few -

Essential Oil Extraction - Distillation

The Egyptians stored their raw materials in large clay pots. Water is added and the pots heated so that steam rose and was pushed through a cotton cloth in the neck of the jar. This soaked up the Essential Oils, which was then squeezed and pressed out into a collection vessel. The same principle remains in use today as high pressure steam is passed over the leaves or flowers in a sophisticated still often using a vacuum, so that the essential oils within them vaporize. When the steam carrying the essential oil passes though a cooling system, the oil condenses and cannot be separated easily from the water.

Essential Oil Extraction - Maceration

Flowers are soaked in hot oil to break down the cells, releasing their fragrance into the oil, which is then purified, and the Oil
is extracted.

Essential Oil Extraction - Effleurage

This is the method by which flower essences such as Jasmine, Rose, which are more delicate and difficult to obtain are extracted. Flowers or petals are crushed between wooden framed, glass trays smeared with a greasy animal fat until the fat is saturated with their perfume.

Essential Oil Extraction - Pressing

This is a simple method of squeezing out literally, oils
from the rinds and peel off ripe fruit such as orange and lemon into a sponge.

Aromatherapy Blends and Aromatherapy Products

The emuse product range provides a unique blend of Pure Emu Oil and Essential Oils to give a healing and therapeutic effect on the user in many ways. As Emu Oil is very beneficial to the skin, and essential oils are beneficial to the mind and spirit, this combination creates a unique range of products based on superiour quality like no other.
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