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Whats your Skin Type? Whats your Skin Type?
skin typeWhat is your Skin Type? Most people do not really know what type of skin they have, sometimes it can be hard to tell, and it is easy to mistake your skin type if your not using the right Skin Care. Skin can change with age, environment, seasons, and even on a weekly or monthly basis, womens skin can also change with thier cycle.
If your not using the right Skin Care for your Skin type, it can lead to problems such as breakouts, dry skin, skin allergies, rash, poor complection and excess oil. The Emuse Skin Care range is all natural, containing balancing properties that make them suitable for all skin types. Emuse offers you a comprehensive range of unique, skin care products, based on the nutritive, healing and renewing power of Emu Oil and aromatherapy. The products contain high doses of emu oil, pure essential oils and botanical extracts, which provide balancing properties and stimulate cellular activity deep within the skins tissue.
Skin types, dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, combination skin

Almost all skin care products on the market today - ranging from prestigious to cheap - are loaded with nasty chemicals: preservatives, fillers, fragrances and sulphates. These nasty chemicals will dry out your skin and have been linked to many skin allergies. So it makes much more sense to use a natural range that is safe for all skin types, because the products do not contain any harsh ingredients that will strip your skin.
Skin types, dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, combination skin

So what type of skin do you have? Read through our descriptions below and see which one sounds like your skin -

Normal Skin is not too oily or dry and blemishes are uncommon. Normal skin is firm, with a healthy appearance. It is normally smooth with small pores.


Due to sun exposure and ageing, skin can lose its ability to produce moisture and natural oils. This results in dry skin. Though it may look smooth with fine pores and few blackheads or blemishes, it may also have a tight, leathery appearance.


Oily skin is often shiny and coarse in texture and may have recurring blackheads and enlarged pores. It may also have patches of flakiness around the nose where excess oils have dried due to its constant lubrication.


This skin type has an oily T-zone across the forehead, nose and chin, but a normal to dry area around the cheeks and throat. Another combination pattern is oily along the chin, jaw line and at the temples, but normal to dry skin everywhere else.


Broken capillaries, and vessels beneath the surface of the skin distinguish this skin type. It can also have a blotchy appearance with excessive redness. Sensitive skin should not be over stimulated.


Acne skin is usually oily and distinguished by blackheads and pimples. If neglected these blemishes can advance to a worsened stage and leave the skin scarred and pitted skin.


Loose skin tissue and visible wrinkles distinguish this skin type which develops due to biological changes in our body and the ageing processes. Cells regenerate slower and skin loses its elasticity and firmness.

Thankfully, the Emuse Skin Care range is natural, and safe for all skin types. Please click here to view all our Skin Care products
Skin types, dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, combination skin
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